Wall-to-wall carpet is a special choice for your business premises, which allows you to combine finesse, design, practicality with high quality and durability.

At in-and-out you will find a wide range for every need, while the dimensions of a 4-meter wide and 25-meter long roll, offer you the ability to cover large surfaces without many connections.

On our carpets you will find products of great durability, ideal for areas with frequent traffic, antistatic, anti-slip, flame-retardant and at the same time of high aesthetics, suitable for use in hotels, rented dwellings, offices, stores, factories and conference centers. 

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Wall-to-wall Carpet Jam Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Jam

Thickness: 7mm. Weight: 1900 gr/sq. Density: 177300/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. Jam professional wall-to..

18.90€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Marble Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Marble

Thickness: 5,5-6,5mm. Weight: 1620 gr/sq. Density: 182000/sq. Use: Intensive. A beautiful wall..

9.40€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Quebec Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Quebec

Thickness: 5,7mm. Weight: 1770 gr./sq. Density: 166000/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. Quebec is a professio..

11.90€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Rock Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Rock

Thickness: 5,5/6,5mm. Weight: 1650/2100 gr/sq. Density: 181240/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. Rock is an ec..

10.70€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Salon Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Salon

Thickness: 7,1/8,1mm. Weight: 1930/2380 gr/sq. Density: 200400/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. Salon is a to..

18.00€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Sea Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Sea

Thickness: 6,5/7,5mm. Weight: 2000/2400 gr/sq. Density: 195800/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. The wall..

9.40€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Star Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Star

Thickness: 5/6mm. Weight: 1130/1170 gr/sq. Density: 160000/sq. An economical 6-color office carpet ..

11.90€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Swing Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Swing

Thickness: 12mm. Weight: 1770 gr./sq. Density: 112950/sq. Swing brings together all the features th..

10.70€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet True Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet True

Thickness: 5mm. Weight: 1395 gr/sq. Density: 150900/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. The wall-to-wall ca..

18.00€ /sqm