Preorder Wall-to-wall Carpet Quebec
Fire RestistanceCfl-s1
Pile Yarn Composition100% PA SDN
Pile Weight600 gr/m2
Total Weight1770 gr/m2
Pile height3,10 mm
Total Height5,70 mm
Primary BackingNon Woven
Light StabilityYes
Luxury ClassLC2
Overall Use ClassHeavy Commercial (33)
Impact Sound ImprovementYes
Stair SuitabilityYes
Dynamic Coefficient of FrictionYes
Underfloor HeatingSuitable
Castor Chair ResistanceYes

Wall-to-wall Carpet Quebec


Thickness: 5,7mm. Weight: 1770 gr./sq. Density: 166000/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. Quebec is a professional wall-to-wall carpet suitable for office spaces where great resistance, antistaticity and suitability for chairs with wheels are needed. With PA fiber for dirt resistance, thickness of 5.7mm, pile weight 1770gr / m2 and 8 beautiful colors, Quebec is a very good and economical carpet solution for professional use. 

  • Product Code: Q402
  • Availability: Preorder
  • Luxury Class 2/5
    Luxury Class 2/5
  • Commercial Heavy
    Commercial Heavy
  • Chair Suitability Commercial
    Chair Suitability Commercial
  • Fire Resistant Cfl-s1
    Fire Resistant Cfl-s1
  • Stair Resistance
    Stair Resistance
  • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
    Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
  • Underfloor Heating Suitable
    Underfloor Heating Suitable
  • Light Stability
    Light Stability
  • Impact Sound Improvement
    Impact Sound Improvement
  • CE Marking
    CE Marking
  • 11.90€ /sqm
  • Τιμή με ΦΠΑ 14.76€

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