Preorder Wall-to-wall Carpet Marble
Fire RestistanceCfl-s1
Pile Yarn Composition100% PP
Pile Weight700 gr/m2
Total Weight1620-1850 gr/m2
Pile height3,50 mm
Total Height5,50-6,50 mm
BackingAB, NSF
Primary BackingWoven
Light StabilityYes
Luxury ClassLC3
Overall Use ClassCommercial General (32), Domestic Heavy (23)
Impact Sound ImprovementYes
Stair SuitabilityYes
Dynamic Coefficient of FrictionYes
Underfloor HeatingSuitable
Castor Chair ResistanceYes

Wall-to-wall Carpet Marble


Thickness: 5,5-6,5mm. Weight: 1620 gr/sq. Density: 182000/sq. Use: Intensive. A beautiful wall-to-wall carpet of professional specifications. Marble carpet combines the features of professional carpet with modern design and is available at an excellent price. With a high-quality construction and intended for multi-year use in crowded spaces, Marble wall-to-wall carpet has a pile weight of 1620 g / m2, thickness of 5.5mm and is available in a 4 x 25m roll in 14 different color shades. 

  • Product Code: Q401
  • Availability: Preorder
  • Luxury Class 2/5
    Luxury Class 2/5
  • Domestic Heavy
    Domestic Heavy
  • Commercial General
    Commercial General
  • Chair Suitability Commercial
    Chair Suitability Commercial
  • Fire Resistant Cfl-s1
    Fire Resistant Cfl-s1
  • Stair Resistance
    Stair Resistance
  • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
    Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
  • Underfloor Heating Suitable
    Underfloor Heating Suitable
  • Light Stability
    Light Stability
  • Impact Sound Improvement
    Impact Sound Improvement
  • CE Marking
    CE Marking
  • 9.40€ /sqm
  • Τιμή με ΦΠΑ 11.66€

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