Is luxury and comfort high on your wish list? We have the perfect carpet for you. Stain Resistant wall-to-wall carpets are made of specially processed fibers to provide a gentle, luxurious feel, so you do not have to sacrifice luxury for performance.

Stain Resistant carpets are designed to be in excellent condition for a long time, without extra effort on your side. These carpets allow you to enjoy your space because they are carefully designed to withstand the wear.

The secret is a small fiber, known as nylon 6.6. This fiber makes the carpet soft, durable and easy to clean. With little attention and weekly wiping your carpet will be kept in excellent condition.

The Stain Resistant series of carpets has a protective layer that resists most stains from dirt, food and drinks, so the next time an accident happens, do not worry. Cleaning is easy!

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Wall-to wall Stain Resistant Delta Preorder

Wall-to wall Stain Resistant Delta

Thickness: 13mm. Weight: 2015 gr/sq. Density: 172000/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. Stain Resistant wa..

22.00€ /sqm
Wall-to-wall Carpet Stain Resistant Alpha Preorder

Wall-to-wall Carpet Stain Resistant Alpha

Thickness: 18mm. Weight: 3170 gr/sq. Density: 235000/sq. Use: Extrem/Heavy. Stain Resistant wall-to..

42.00€ /sqm