Preorder Rubber Flooring by metre Bolle
Acoustic Isolation>11 dp
ChemicalsNor resistant to oil, grease, acids, hydrocarbons, solvents
Density1,45 kg/cm³
Fire RestistanceCertificate Df Ls1
Hardness60 shore
Tear Strength25 kg/cm²
Tensile strength60 kg/cm²
Total Weight4060 gr/m²
Total Height3 mm
BackingTextile Printing
Thermal Resistance-20C/+70C

Rubber Flooring by metre Bolle


The circular motif on Bolle’s surface is probably the most popular in the category of professional floors, also known as coin floor. This construction is what makes Bolle floors unique: slip resistance, relative sound proofing, water friction, stains and pressure resistance. It is the most classic choice for flooring such as garages, workshops, warehouses, hotel halls, restaurants, offices, stores. 

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