Plastic rubber floors are particularly durable, clean and easy to maintain and have the advantage of quickly and easily laying them.

The molded surface ensures safe walking in warehouses, public spaces, loading platforms, sports halls, exhibition halls etc.

Certain types of rubber floors are also used in areas such as kitchens, food labs and areas, because they are also suitable for standing.

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Rubber Doormat Waves 90x150 cm

With an elegant design that depicts waves and thick pile, professional rubber floor Waves provides ..

22.00€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring Best 100x150 cm

Best is a professional rubber floor and offers unique benefits. It is ideal for places where heavy ..

31.00€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring Bubble 90x120 cm

Bubble floors with thickness 15mm provide the ultimate comfort and are suitable for any space where..

15.50€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Best

Best floor has the potential of a best seller! It is a classic choice for flooring of spaces such a..

27.85€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Bolle

The circular motif on Bolle’s surface is probably the most popular in the category of professional ..

10.27€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Compos

Compos floorings provide ultimate comfort and are perfect for any area where heavy work is performed..

20.57€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Gummy

Gummy floorings are available in rolls to cover high traffic working surfaces, especially where heav..

23.20€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Liscia

Liscia floors are available in a 1,20m x 15m roll and are an excellent solution for large surfaces...

12.77€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Righe Piatte

Rubber floors Righe Piatte are the perfect rubber flooring to protect the floor and provide relief ..

11.38€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Righe Rubber

With striped ribbing of elastic surface that increase adhesion and provide additional safety to prev..

9.22€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring by metre Roller

Available. Contact us if you would like a dimension other than what is stated...

30.00€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring Compos 100x150 εκατ.

Get the Compos rubber floor today to ensure slip resistance, less fatigue from standing, stain prot..

21.00€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring Entrance 91x150 cm

Rubber floor Entrance is not just for entrances, as implied by its name. It can be used in any area..

19.80€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring Gummy (with drainage holes )100x150 cm

With a dimension of 1.50 square meters and large drainage holes, Gummy rubber floor provides cleanl..

24.75€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring Restaurant Mat 91x91 cm

Professional floors Restaurant Mat are anti-slip and offer relative sound proofing, durability and ..

13.89€ /sqm