15 - 20 Days Doomat with Logo Spaghetti Luxury Mosaic
Available SizeSize on Demand
Intensity of UseCommercial Medium (32)
Manufacturing ProcessExtruded Vinyl Filament
Surface aspectFilament of Vinyl
Pile Weight4500 gr/m²
Total Weight4500 gr/m²
Pile height14,3 χλστ
Total Height14,3 mm
Primary Backing-
Secondary Backing-

Doomat with Logo Spaghetti Luxury Mosaic


Thickness: 14,3 mm - Weight: 4500 gr/sq. Show off your business with PVC doormats. The popular Spaghetti Luxury mats are an ideal solution for cleaning heavy materials (mud, dirt) while also being easy to clean. They are ideal for non-covered outdoor space (exposed to rain). There is possibility of edging.

Price range per sq.: 217,04€ - 268,15€

The price per square meter in doormats is indicative and varies according to the dimension of the product. The smaller the dimension, the higher the price per square meter. Choose one of the ready dimensions shown below or contact us for more information. 

  • Product Code: Q243
  • Availability: 15 - 20 Days
  • UV Resistant
    UV Resistant
  • Luxury Class 4/5
    Luxury Class 4/5
  • Commercial General
    Commercial General
  • Chair Suitability Commercial
    Chair Suitability Commercial
  • Fire Resistance
    Fire Resistance
  • Fire Certification EN13501
    Fire Certification EN13501
  • 236.80€ /sqm
  • Τιμή με ΦΠΑ 293.63€

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