Entrance mats with logo

Logo entrαnce mats are a great way to create a strong positive first impression on your visitor while protecting your floors from dust, mud and all kinds of dirt. Entrance mats with logo will display your brand and give it prestige. Whether used internally or externally, they will promote your business in the best way.

At IN & OUT store we will imprint your logo, using the best materials, for a durable yet beautiful result that will provide practical use but at an affordable price. The logo mats you will find at IN & OUT store come in a variety of styles and qualities, for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose different shapes, sizes and depths to best fit your needs and space. You can imprint not only your logo, but any message you want to communicate to your visitors.

At IN & OUT store we use a wide range of colors to ensure the accurate reproduction of any logo, brand, message or product. They are suitable for hotels, rental houses, bars and restaurants, shops, offices, public buildings, boats, apartment buildings and much more.

Price for entrance mat with logo start from 63 € + VAT (Prime quality, dimension 50x60 cm)

At IN & OUT store we will cover all your entrance requirements with a logo: 

 Variety of styles and qualities

 Selection of  any dimension 

 Quality and durable materials, suitable for heavy commercial use

 Fireproof materials 

 UV resistant materials

 Ability to imprint logo with print or mosaic

 High color imprinting

 Entrance mats that can be washed in any industrial laundry

How to order an entrance logo doormat with logo

 Select the quality you want, based on the space you want to use it (indoors or outdoors, guarded by rain or not)  

 Select the desired dimension

 Select the basis color (background)

 Send us your logo in pdf, jpg, png format

 We send you an e-mail for confirmation. The imprinting (maquet) will give you an approximate picture of what the end result will be

 After your approval we proceed to production

 Free shipping throughout Greece

Important notice: The entrance mat with your logo is made for you only, will only be sold to you and will not be refundable. The only case to return the product is the obvious failure in production. Your order must be prepaid 50% of the value before proceeding with its construction. 

Delivery time: 15-20 days

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Doormat with Logo Prime 15 - 20 Days

Doormat with Logo Prime

Thickness: 9 mm - Weight: 3000 gr/sq. Prime entrance mats will host your logo or quote with 25dpi i..

115.60€ /sqm
Doormat with Logo Exclusive 15 - 20 Days

Doormat with Logo Exclusive

Thickness: 9 mm  - Weight: 3000 gr/sq. With the Exclusive entrance mats you will create t..

119.00€ /sqm
Doormat with Logo Spaghetti Rally Mosaic 15 - 20 Days

Doormat with Logo Spaghetti Rally Mosaic

Thickness: 15 mm - Weight: 4500 gr/sq. Price range per sq.: 226,85 € - 305,56 €The price p..

137.50€ /sqm
Doormat with Logo Lux Turf 15 - 20 Days

Doormat with Logo Lux Turf

Thickness: 10,3 mm - Weight: 3550 gr./sq. Lux Turf scraper mat is made of synthetic turf, it is sub..

166.60€ /sqm
Doormat with Logo Moquette Mosaic 15 - 20 Days

Doormat with Logo Moquette Mosaic

Thickness: 10-13mm. Moquette mosaic scraper mat is of 10 and 13 mm thickness and it is available in..

212.80€ /sqm
Doormat with Logo Cocco Mosaic 15 - 20 Days

Doormat with Logo Cocco Mosaic

Thickness: 17 mm. Weight: 6300 gr/sq. Cocco Mosaic entrance mats are available in 3 different sizes ..

228.80€ /sqm
Doomat with Logo Spaghetti Luxury Mosaic 15 - 20 Days

Doomat with Logo Spaghetti Luxury Mosaic

Thickness: 14,3 mm - Weight: 4500 gr/sq. Show off your business with PVC doormats. The popular ..

236.80€ /sqm