Super Absorbent Mat 40x70 cm
ApplicationsExternal/internal use
Pile Yarn Composition55% cotton 45% polyester
Total Weight500 gr
Total Height5 mm
BackingTPR Rubber

Super Absorbent Mat 40x70 cm


Thickness: 5 mm - Weight: 500 gr It absorbs mud and water magically! It protects any type of floor or carpet from dirt, while trapping mud, water and dust by simply pressing on the mat without having to rub your shoes. It has millions of superabsorbent fibers and its composition is 55% and 45% polyester microfibers. The microfibers act like a magnet and pull the dirt, while the cotton absorbs moisture, leaving the shoes dry and clean. It has a non-slip base and can be easily washed in the washing machine. It can be used either as an entrance mat for the front door or the balcony doors, or as a bathroom or kitchen floor mat. It’s really  perfect for places with pets and children. It’s available in beige / black, light grey / black and grey / black

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  • Fully Launderable up to 60
    Fully Launderable up to 60
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