At our premises you will find entry mats (doormats) ready to protect your business or home from dust, dirt and water, while giving style to your reception and warmth to the atmosphere. At IN & OUT store you will find quality products and very nice designs / colors.

At IN & OUT store you will find rubber flooring ready for both business and home use. Rubber flooring can be used either as an entry floor, ideal to use in mud and dirt areas, or as flooring for professionals and workplaces. Their high durability, their anti-slipping and elastic properties as well as the protection they provide from water and long time standing on, make them ideal for use in kitchens, changing rooms, industrial spaces, warehouses, loading platforms, buses, sports halls etc. In addition, they offer relative sound insulation, they are easy to install and have a long service life. Specific types of flooring will certainly suit your specific need. In the category of rubber floors you will be able to choose smaller or larger sizes if the ready dimensions do not fully meet your needs.

Do these dimensions not fit your needs? See more options on indoor or outdoor mats by meter.

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Super Absorbent Mat 40x70 cm

Thickness: 5 mm - Weight: 500 gr It absorbs mud and water magically! It protects any type of floor o..


Entrance Mat of Rubber 40x70 cm

Thickness: 6 mm - Weight: 1300 gr. Entrance mat is made of rubber. It’s ideal for outdoor use. Greet..


Doormat Zebra 60x80 cm

Height: 8,50 mm - Weight: 2900 gr/sqm. Available in 4 different colors and 2 dimensions of 8,50mm he..


Entrance Mat Dust Control

Thickness: 10mm - Weight: 3426 gr/sqm. Polypropylene entrance mat and vinyl basis. Its pile con..


Rubber Flooring Bubble 90x120 cm

Bubble floors with thickness 15mm provide the ultimate comfort and are suitable for any space where..

15.50€ /sqm

Entrance Mat of Recycled Rubber 45x75 cm

Thickness: 10mm - Weight: 2000-2400 gr. Entrance mat is made of recycled rubber.It’s ideal for outdo..


Doormat Spaghetti 90x120 cm

Thickness: 12mm - Weight: 3500 gr/sqm. Spaghetti insole being available in 3 colors  and having..


Rubber Flooring Entrance 91x150 cm

Rubber floor Entrance is not just for entrances, as implied by its name. It can be used in any area..

19.80€ /sqm

Entrance Mat Super Dust Control In 70x120 cm Green

Thickness: 8mm - Weight: 2970 gr/sqm.  Polyamide entrance mat with PVC backing. Advan..


Entrance Mat Super Dust Control Out 75x120 cm

Thickness: 8 mm - Weight: 2740 gr/sqm.  Polypropylene entrance mat with PVC backing. ..


Rubber Doormat Waves 90x150 cm

With an elegant design that depicts waves and thick pile, professional rubber floor Waves provides ..

22.00€ /sqm

Rubber Flooring Roller 91x180 cm

Resistant to heavy stresses with anti-slipping features in water and snow and stylish look, Roller ..

35.00€ /sqm
Doormat In & Out Dry 60x85 cm New

Doormat In & Out Dry 60x85 cm

Thickness: 10mm. Weight: 2800 gr./sq. Substrate: Woven PP. Luxury doormat for indoor use or fo..


Doormat Fanmat 65x85 cm

Fanmat doormat is a premium quality mat, ideal for enhancing the luxury image of your business. Fanm..

Doormat In & Out Dry 90x115 cm New

Doormat In & Out Dry 90x115 cm

Thickness: 10mm. Weight: 2800 gr./sq. Substrate: Woven PP. Luxury doormat for indoor use or fo..