15 - 20 Days Doormat In & Out Dry
Manufacturing ProcessHigh-twist Nylon
Surface aspect100% Polyamide 6
Pile Yarn CompositionNitrile Butadiene Rubber
Pile Weight800g/sq.m.
Total Weight2800g/sq.m.
Pile height9mm
Total Height10mm
Backing100% woven PP nitrile

Doormat In & Out Dry


Thickness: 10mm. Weight: 2800 gr./sq. Substrate: Woven PP. Doormat for indoor use or for outdoor use on a covered surface. Available in many basic colors, which withstand time and in different dimensions. With thickness of 10mm and weight of 2800gr / sq. it is resistant to the wheels of the chairs and resistant to fire. It has a substrate and nitrile ending, which makes it anti-slip. It is suitable for low, medium and high traffic and is produced to offer the best performance and durability. 

Maximum dimension doormat / carpet: Maximum offered doormat / carpet dimension: 200x400 cm. There is possibility for larger dimensions (up to 12 meters) with different price / sqm. 

Price range per sq.: 47,39€ - 90,35€

The price per square meter in doormats is indicative and varies according to the dimension of the product. The smaller the dimension, the higher the price per square meter. Choose one of the ready dimensions shown below or contact us for more information. 

  • Product Code: Q201
  • Availability: 15 - 20 Days
  • Luxury Class 4/5
    Luxury Class 4/5
  • Commercial Heavy
    Commercial Heavy
  • Chair Suitability Commercial
    Chair Suitability Commercial
  • Fire Resistance
    Fire Resistance
  • Fire Certification EN13501
    Fire Certification EN13501
  • Fully Launderable up to 60
    Fully Launderable up to 60
  • 69.70€ /sqm
  • Τιμή με ΦΠΑ 86.43€

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