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IN&OUT store offers a unique and wide range of professional entry carpets (doormats or mats or entry mats) to meet all types of your business needs. You can choose from the proposed dimensions or create a mat  in any other dimension.

At IN&OUT store you will find indoor mats by meter, outdoor mats by meter, rubber mats, ready-made mats, aluminum mats. Also, at IN & OUT store you will find a wide variety of doormats to imprint your logo and offer prestige to your company image.

Indoor mats by meter

Are you interested in economical and reliable solutions for large-scale entry floors?  Entrance mats Delhi Crum, Hercules, Novadura, Veco can be manufactured to the desired dimension, are of  very high quality and are value for money products. Compare their features and choose the ideal option for you (1 or 1,20 meters wide).

Select the Fanmat insole or In & Out Dry if you want your mat to have a perimeter border (width of 1.50 and 2 meters). Exceptional quality choices with extra unique features, such as certifications for fire resistance, suitability for heavy commercial traffic, industrial laundry, etc. The top choices that will add extra value to your business.

Outdoor entrance mats by meter

IN&OUT store offers many choices and qualities to keep your rooms clean and dry while giving you a luxurious look. You can choose from the popular coconut material in various colors and the popular spaghetti, with or without substrate. Are you interested in a greater variety of colors while also being resistant to UV radiation, fireproofness and durability? Spaghetti Luxury is the perfect choice. The entry mats as you will find at IN&OUT store are ideal solutions for mounting on special foot trunks.

Entrance mats with logo

Do you want to create a strong positive first impression on your visitors and promote your business while protecting your premises from dust, mud and all kinds of dirt? Then you need a logo entry mat. You can choose between the two techniques of imprinting your logo, either by printing or using a mosaic. 

If you want to use the logo mat indoors or in a rain-protected area, choose between Prime, Exclusive and Lux Turf. If you want to use it externally choose between Moquette, Cocco, Spaghetti Luxury and Spaghetti. Superior products made with high quality materials,  IN & OUT store logo mat will make your business stand out.

Doormats- ready dimensions

High quality, economical and functional choices in ready-made doormats. Y ou may choose from super absorbent carpet to dust control mats known as spaghetti and even more.

Rubber doormats - ready dimensions

Rubber flooring can be used either as an entry mat, ideal for use in muddy and dirty areas, or as a flooring for professional and work areas, such as water, fitness, industrial spaces. You can choose the ideal rubber doormat for your need. There is possibility for dimensions other than the ones proposed.