Carpet Runner Alpina PC by metre
Pile Yarn Composition100% PA6
Pile Weight880 gr/sqm
Total Weight3400 gr/sqm
Pile height6,40 mm
Total Height8,50 mm
Primary BackingNon Woven
Luxury ClassLC3
Overall Use ClassCommercial 32, Areas with medium use
Stair SuitabilityYes
Castor Chair ResistanceYes

Carpet Runner Alpina PC by metre


Thickness: 8.5 mm - Weight: 3400 gr/m2. Substrate: PC. Alpina PC Professional Treadmills are ideal for use in moderate to high-traffic areas. They consist of two different surfaces, forming a distinct style. One surface is hard to brush with water and mud, while the other surface is soft and absorbent to attract dust. Ideal for use on stairs while being rugged with suitcases or chairs. It is available in 3 dimensions (1 meter wide by 25 meters long, 1.30 meters wide by 25 meters long and 2 meters wide by 25 meters long) and it can be cut to other desired dimensions. They are an ideal solution for mid-sized hotels, shops and offices.

Available. The width of the roll is 1,30 meters. For your order, select multiples of 1,30 meters wide (for example, if you want 13 squares you must select a quantity of 10 pieces for 1,30 meters wide). Contact us if you would like a different dimension than stated.

  • Brands OEM
  • Product Code: Q416
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Luxury Class 3/5
    Luxury Class 3/5
  • Commercial General
    Commercial General
  • Chair Suitability Commercial
    Chair Suitability Commercial
  • Fire Resistant Cfl-s1
    Fire Resistant Cfl-s1
  • Stair Resistance
    Stair Resistance
  • CE Marking
    CE Marking
  • Emission of Volatile Substances
    Emission of Volatile Substances
  • 30.00€ /sqm
  • Τιμή με ΦΠΑ 37.20€

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