15 - 20 Days Artificial Grass Riva 35 mm
ApplicationsGardens, Landscaping
Pile height35 mm
Pile Weight1305 gr/m2
Stitches per 10 cm20
Total Weight2124 gr/m2
Primary Backing100% PP black with fleece, UV Stabilized
Water permeability60 liter/min/m2
Secondary BackingBlack Latex compound with a base of styrenebutadiene (SBR)
Warranty7 years
UV StabilityDIN 53387 Standard (6000 hours)
Child FriendlyYes
Eco FriendlyYes
Pet FriendlyYes
Heavy Use
Additional Characteristics

Artificial Grass Riva 35 mm


Thickness: 35mm - Weight:...gr./sq. – The synthetic lawn Riva 3620 has the ideal thickness for use in many cases. It is eco-friendly and suitable for children and pets and is the perfect choice for use in commercial space, small hotels, rented dwellings and offices as well as for homes. 

  • Product Code: Q115
  • Availability: 15 - 20 Days
  • Guarantee 7 years
    Guarantee 7 years
  • Animal Friendly
    Animal Friendly
  • Child Friendly
    Child Friendly
  • Eco Friendly
    Eco Friendly
  • Soft
  • Resilient
  • UV Resistant
    UV Resistant
  • C-Shape
  • Made in Holland
    Made in Holland
  • 13.70€ /sqm
  • Τιμή με ΦΠΑ 16.99€

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