Polyurethane Adhesive 5 kg (Two-component) - Green Color
Total Weight5 kg

Polyurethane Adhesive 5 kg (Two-component) - Green Color


Two component polyurethane adhesive and 5 kg weight for bonding artificial grass sheets. No water or solvents needed. It’s suitable for bonding between staple strips and artificial grass sheets. It can be used both outdoors and indoors, even with the presence of moisture. It’s in green color to resemble the color of synthetic grass. The package contains a jagged edge spatula and gloves.

Instructions for Use: Mix component A (green material) with the liquid in container B in a 10: 1 ratio. Their mixing time is 60 minutes at 20 ° C. At higher temperatures the usage time is significantly reduced. Drying time: 6-7 days. You can refer to the manufacturer's instructions for synthetic grass and staple straps and, if necessary, place weights along the surfaces used with the adhesive. We advice you to wear gloves when in use.

Caution: Keep the product out of the reach of children, keep it in a ventilated place.

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