About IN&OUT

The e-shop IN&OUT was created to offer complete flooring solutions for indoor and outdoor business spaces. It is aimed at businesses of all kinds and sizes, which are looking for solutions on synthetic grass, carpets, carpet runners, floors and entrance mats with a logo or without a logo.

On IN&OUT’s website we offer products for hotels, lodgings, rental dwellings, restaurants and cafes, office space, business premises, factories, conference centers, playgrounds and play areas, gardens and swimming pools, as well as specialized products for dining areas.

 IN&OUT store is a new proposal in the business field by M. & G. ANGELOPOULOS, one of the largest companies importing and distributing household goods, with presence in the sector since 1979. With international collaborations and high know-how, the company ensures the excellent quality and unique service.

We chose the name IN&OUT to highlight our expertise in offering In-Out integrated solutions! From the turf, which will "decorate" the outdoor spaces to the entrance mats, which will welcome, branded, customers and the carpets and carpet runners, which will give elegance and comfort inside the buildings to the floors of rubber or vinyl.

At IN&OUT store we choose our products from a wide network of partners based on the high demands of the businesses we are addressing. Our goal is to meet the professional needs of our customers with a variety of products, prompt service and competitive prices.